Christian Dating Tips

Here you can find the comparison of top Christian dating sites and best dating services to help you find best Christian women for marriage. Don’t lose your time.

I am a well balanced, well- mannered, shy but charming young lady. I am honest and sincere and I hate lie and hypocrisy.


I like to lead an active way of life and I enjoy many different activities. I want to have something new everyday and every single day looks different than the other. Therefore I enjoy learning new things and get new experiences and for that reason I love traveling. I like different kinds of sports. I like swimming, fitness, roll skating, cycling my bike and just outdoor activities. I like sea and I practise scuba diving.


I enjoy learning about new cultures and I am fond of learning everything about the cuisines of different folks and nationalities. I like men who adequately understand who they are in this life. I do not care what kind of job he has as long as he earns his living in an honest way. I want him to be loving, caring, humorous, protective and reliable. I would like him to share my interests as I think it will keep us together and the family will be strong and happy.

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