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This part of our online platforms is very specific. Everything is due to the completely different type of people who are found here. Christian singles are not like those people that you might meet on other dating websites. Consequently, you need to be a very peculiar person, if you want to meet Christian people and maybe marry one of them. However, this is not the main thing we would like to talk about. There are more important criteria that ought to be discussed below.

As you might have already guessed, we want to be frank with you and tell the things just as they are. This implies that we are not going to embellish the facts. So, the first thing is that the word Christian is quite general. Basically, people who are from the West, are reminded of the Catholics, Protestants, Sects, etc. However, if you want to expand the borders of your world and discover something really different to the mundane reality of your working days, then our website is the right place. Well, the word Christianity itself conceals many more parts of the world that you did not think about. There are Orthodox Christians, mainly from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, etc. So, they will differ significantly from the Catholics or Protestants.

young woman christian

You will discover it for yourself because, nonetheless, all of them are Christians, but only a few things are in common. So, yeah, if you meet to an Orthodox Christian, then you will be taken aback by the fact that the person has completely different points of view and opinions. You should be aware of it to avoid making mistakes. We can also name a few more examples, like the Armenian Christians who are very different to all of the Christians outlined above. They are another different world that you might discover. The differences also come from the rich cultural background of the Armenians. So, dare to know what is so special about each of them. Who knows, maybe you will also become attracted by any of these Religions, and just one person will change your life completely. Think well about it. It is a very important question we are talking about. It is not just making friends or starting relationships. It can alter your life radically, and you will be another person that you have never been before.

Right, so now it is time to talk more about the people themselves. So, as you already know, Christian people are very different to those who call themselves the modern ones. There is a big rift between the two. So, a truly Christian person will barely accept intimate relationships without being married. We can now shock you even more. If you choose to date a Christian, he or she is likely to request a matrimony at the church as well because it is very important to obtain God’s blessing before starting your mutual life. So, be ready for it and consider it as a possibility.

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Well, for now, we would like to tell you a happy story of Denny Hart from Hamburg who was so desperate in his attempts to find his only consolation. He is a very religious person, but he used to be a Protestant. So, he wanted to find a girl who would be as religious as he is, and thought that there are no such people. You cannot imagine his surprise when he registered on our website and discovered that there are many people just like him. So, he managed to find his love here. She is from Belarus and is an Orthodox Christian. After some time of conversations and his visit to Belarus, Denny decided to become an Orthodox as well because he liked it very much. Now they both live in Darmstadt and have two children who are brought up in accordance with the Orthodox rules.