Blond Woman In A Black Dress.

If we hookuped with a person more than once, it makes them convenient lovers for us. So, no wonder we sometimes want a girl to contact us again for hookuping, even after a very long silence.

“I knew Pieter since my school years”, Diana shares. “He definitely wasn’t my first love or first Thai hookup, but at some point, we started seeing each other just for sex. I got used to this so much.

I must confess, after my divorce I could only think about a one-night-stand with Pieter, as the best treatment for my wounds. Then I contacted my Dr. Sex and he healed me like many times before”.

“I honestly never call or message my old hookups”, Jane says. “Even if they were great in a bed, I do prefer to move forward. Mostly because I am looking for a long-term partner, after all.

When our meetings for sex are only casual and it’s obvious, I am losing interest with time. I prefer to hookup new guys with the eventual perspective or dating, then it excites me more as a woman”.



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