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Usually breaking up is a sad, awkward, painful and stressful event. Sometimes it brings refreshment, but if both of you wanted things to work out, it can be really very sad. Most of us don’t want to hurt other person’s feelings breaking up with them. In many cases people even allow the relationship continue longer than they feel it should to. The cause for this is fear of hurting your partner; especially if his/her feelings towards you are very strong.

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So, how a Christian should approach this moment in his/her life? Many of people experience this moment from this or that and even both sides.

So, it is better to be prepared. If you decide to break with someone the following list will help you in this process.

1. Make sure you want to break up. There are down times in every relationship. So, you need to ensure it is not a temporary moment in your relationship. What you need to do is taking your time and imagining your life without your partner. Also decide if your decision to part is based on present circumstances or permanent issues. When you take decision, sleep on it.

2. If after your first step you still think you need to break up, then you need carefully choose your words and time for them. Do to others what you would have them do to you! Try to end this relationship with grace and love. The majority of us don’t want to hurt other’s feelings, but be sure the person would be hurt anyway. Your task is to try to cause as little hurt feelings as possible. The bible teaches treating others with care, so act accordingly.

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3. Sometimes, instead of breaking up, feeling pity for a person, some people go on with a relationship to give it a chance on the request of other side. Be aware of the fact that it is not a way out. By acting so, you will hurt your partner’s feelings even more after. So, come to the first point and never prolong the pain of a person you care about. Never make this process long, but better cut short. Be polite, keep your head cool and walk away.

4. Set the boundaries that you won’t let another person cross. This stage is necessary when your partner wants to go on with your relationship even after your break up. So limit your interactions to small talk if your ex-partner looks for more communication with you hoping to have you back in his/her life.

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5. Life goes on. However, this doesn’t mean jumping from one relationship into another. Only you will understand when the time for a new relationship is right. It is just not healthy to start a new romantic relationship right away.
Though no one wants to break up with someone, this is a part of our life. Don’t be rude with people, but never let them take your life under control.