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Newcastle can be called the trendiest city for nightlife in UK, but it’s in fact multi-faced. There are no categories of singles it couldn’t serve with the utmost success and shockingly great results.

Find luxy babes

Glamorous chicks are all out to party at Livello, Tup Tup Palace and the House of Smith. Your wallet and a credit card should be full, unless you bring some sugar baby with you and spend wisely.

Bar girls are a win-win

At the end, what can be better than classical bars with super hot and hospitable bar girls? You can date more tourists from San Diego. Billy Bootleggers, Lola Jeans, and Prohibition Cabaret Bar are definitely for your secret adult dating experience.

Beer party is horny

Next-door girls and guys are indeed easy-going and accessible in London pubs like BrewDog, Lady Grey’s, and The Town Wall. You can find and book private rooms in the last one for quick hookups.

Day game & food

Get casual with locals eating out through the day, in such best places for pickup in Newcastle as Aveika, Bealim House, and Eden. Hot singles there are loving these places, and you will too.

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