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In the present article you will find top ten traits showing that a guy can make a great Christian boyfriend.

The guy is devoted to Lord.

He looks at the world and things from God’s perspective and of His purpose. He puts God first and you second. He is devoted to his Christian way.

He keeps his promises.

It is very important since it shows how committed to your relationship he will be. If he is faithful to his obligations with other people, it is a good sign.

He is willing to let go of something.

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If he is able to sacrifice an activity for you, if there is a conflict of schedule, and finds compromises in a situation, it is great sign. However, you, being a great Christian Girlfriend, can sacrifice your time together in favor of others.

He is considerate not only to you, but also to other people.

He is protective of animals (puppies, cats, etc.), small children. He lets his relatives, hug and kiss him in front of others not complaining about that.

He is loyal to you, his family and friends.

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He always keeps his promises, remembers all the important dates, birthdays, anniversaries and doesn’t forget to buy presents. He takes your side in front of others, even if he doesn’t agree with you.

He has deep respect towards his parents, elder people and you.

He listens to what his grandmother or mother tells him, he is polite with neighbors and he never interrupts you when you are talking.

The guy is involved in ministries, helps others, reaches the unsaved, etc.

The church occupies an important place in his life and he also attends Bible classes. The church is much more than just a building to attend on Sunday morning.

He prays and knows the power of a pray.

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Your boyfriend spends his private time praying to God. He also takes time to pray together with you. When a problem arises, a pray is a first thing he does, not talking about this subject into.

The guy is aware of the advantages working as a couple.

However, he also takes time to be spent in privacy and reflect on things.

He takes care of his body honoring God this way.

Your boyfriend exercises and leads a healthy life style, not only to attract you physically, but also to be an active father for your future kids in a marriage and not pass away untimely.

Besides above mentioned, your boyfriend is loving, caring, sincere, committed, honest, respectful, reliable and trustworthy. However, he is not perfect as all human beings are. His traits you see now will determine his actions and ways of handling circumstances in life in future relationship and marriage.

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