Other things to watch for in a “perfect” Christian dating website are that they actually protect your privacy, the dating website should have happy customers because if anyone is complaining, there is likely something that is not good about that website. Generally speaking you can trust christian websites with this more, but sometimes wolves wear sheepskin.

A “perfect” Christian dating website should include all the features from non-Christian dating services and more. This includes special searches and ways to contact members.

If you are someone that likes a website with a lot of special features and has a huge interactive community, I strongly suggest Dating Disciples. They may be small, but this website also has a very intersting layout, many members already registered, and has music on the home page, and has a more offline promotion to it, with various DJ’s and churches sending out the good word.

If you care more about a website that has more members, I suggest Relationships, there is already almost half a million registered users and about 2,000 members on at any one time.

 If cost is the most important factor in your final decision, I suggest Big Church, at only a start rate of $15.95 a month, and it gets cheaper for multi-month packages.

If you want to join a fastly growing Christian dating website, I would again suggest Relationships. This website also provides a lot of interesting features, and most of the registered members are still active.

Overall, I strongly suggest Relationships. They offer you a lot of unique features, with already a lot of registered and active members, and at a low low starting price of $24.95 for the first month. The more months, the cheaper, of course. They also have a great free trial that will let you browse profiles before you buy.

Although, that is just my opinion. As you know there is a lot of factors that will help make or break each choice, so I suggest you to read every review carefully and do your research before making your final decision.

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